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Whole Wheat Spinach Bread and the Healthy Brigade !

Believe me when I tell you that raising a boy is so much easier than raising a girl . Reading this statement you might be confused as whether your visit was to a parenting blog or a food one. Please be assured that it is the latter . If you are still wondering as to what it has got to do with spinach bread , I have some explaining to do. You see, my firstborn is a boy and a perfect candidate for "whatever mama cooks, I will eat," but my daughter who followed him after 4 years is the opposite. Her first question every time she steps off the school bus is, "What  are you going to give me for lunch tomorrow?"  I might be the Gemini in the house, but she is the one who needs constant variety in her meal without any compromise in taste or quality.

Mama dearest has to worry about things being healthy too . That's when spinach paranthas get a makeover and become the even more healthy spinach bread. So, if daughter dearest refuses to take paranthas (more than once in a …

Eggless Chocolate Orange Brownies Finally !!

I am continuing with another egg less bake. If you were inclined to ask me why , I would probably reply that I like to do things in pairs . Sometimes I like to do them more than twice like bake brownies every week . I like to bake them in different flavors and as such  constantly experiment with new ingredients . In my pursuit of of the above mentioned, came across this recipe which immediately grabbed my attention .
Chocolate and orange we were talking . We all know that Mocha (chocolate + coffee) tastes divine so now it was it was time to give chocolate and orange a try . Of course, I had heard of this combination before but had never tried it for myself . I was itching to do so and so this bake seemed an apt choice considering it was egg less as well. Another factor that motivated me was that this recipe was completely butter/oil free. We all aspire for healthy eating so if a dessert can boast of it  then it surely becomes a guilt free indulgence.

Note : The original recipe cal…

Eggless Vanilla Custard Cake and Childhood Memories

The word "Custard" is like a time portal for me. Any mention of it and I am transported back to my childhood where I can see myself relishing the chilled fruit custard served at countless parties and formal dinners. It was my favorite dessert and I could gorge on it without feeling any remorse as to how many calories were consumed . Life was much simpler without the constant calorie watch . So, imagine my excitement when I came across this custard cake recipe . Of course, my excitement was doubled when I found it was eggless . Almost daily there are requests for eggless bakes and now was my chance to oblige.

This is a great recipe with minimum preparation time , handful of ingredients and a dump all in a bowl approach. Only a few things need to paid attention to .Just remember to have your milk and butter at room temperature. Sieve your flour and custard powder and do remember to grease the pan . I forgot to do so ..honestly..still was lucky enough that it consented to come o…

Beetroot Brownies and Virus Blues !

First let's talk about virus blues or in other words let me whine a little about how miserable I have feeling lately . Started with a cold and sore throat and progressed to chills and tension headaches. Yes, not a pretty picture..still suffering the ill effects so thought of fighting it off with some baking therapy. Nothing like the sight of batter sticking to the whisk to cheer oneself and fight those virus blues away ...right ??? Not to mention  cleaning the above mentioned batter from the whisk ...what a comforting chore that is .Try it out and if it appeals to you , you are more than welcome to help me with it !

Time to talk about the bake now . Beetroot brownies ..why ? because they were present right there on the kitchen counter and I had been planning to bake some beetroot chocolatty thing for quite some time now . If I have to give in in to any sort of guilt for eating chocolate ..might at the least soften it by adding something healthy with loads of nutritional value . Som…