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Eggless Chocolate Bundt Cake and Mystery Book Club Meetings

One productive thing that was accomplished this year was the beginning of our local book club. Glad to report that we are already looking forward to our second monthly meeting  , no small feat considering that the formation itself took quite some time . But now that we have met , the "ice has been broken" and the next month meeting all planned with attendance confirmed , the future of the book club looks secure. talking of book club meetings , how can you leave cake behind ? A sinfully rich cake is an absolute requirement even more than managing to finish the book before the meeting . Truthfully !  The cake has to be accompanied by loads of chai , which is generously taken care by a fellow book club member . We can count on the others to bring more delectable treats and so you gentle reader get an idea that food is quite an important part of our book club. 
For the first book club meeting  at my place, I made the eggless dates cake . Not to toot my own horn , but everyone app…

Eggless Sweet Potato Banana Bread and Weekend Festivities

The much awaited and anticipated part of the year is here . The festive season ..Not only is it a time for religious observances and fasting for some  but also of  social mingling .donning our best desi attire and indulging in scrumptious Indian mithai . I will admit that no baking can even come close to a well prepared desi mithai . If the above statement reeks of bias , so be it . Coming back to "it's a season theme " how can I not mention that it is the season for Durga Puja festivities too ? My first time being part of the same was after my marriage ( perks of being married to a Bengali ) and since then I have been fortunate to experience it both in India and various parts of US . While the location and few others things may vary , great Bengali cuisine served at Pujo has always been a constant. Here in the Carolinas, we had our Pujo celebrations a tad  bit early but that didn't dampen our spirit a wee bit. It was a fun weekend where we sought Durga Thakur's b…

Pumpkin Choco Chip Muffins and Insane Breakfast Timing

I am not going to let go of pumpkin bakes so easily !! How can I when pumpkin chocolate muffins are yet to make their way on my blog? I know they should  have  found their  way sooner considering that I prefer healthy muffins as a good after  school snack and we are  so near to finishing our first quarter there  but  somehow  I  have been interested in other bakes more . Let me get all philosophical and say that better late than never.So,here they are , occupying  their  rightful  place on my blog and deservedly so , considering that they taste  easy  feat for whole wheat healthy muffins to claim . Plus, we know when muffins taste good , kids don't mind the  vegetables  that go into their making which in this case is the not so humble pumpkin.

Muffins anyways are a godsend if you or anyone in your family follows insane breakfast timing. My son has to leave for school at the crack of dawn and as such having a tray of healthy muffins nearby is really and truly appreciated .…

Pumpkin -Ginger Scones and the British Fixation !

To say that I am besotted by all things British would be a very accurate way of describing my fixation with it . Be it the incomparable British mysteries of the likes of Hercule Poirot , Victorian romances covered by Barbara Cartland or quintessential British baking as demonstrated by Delia Smith and Mary Berry , I need my daily fix of it all . The gentle reader might be compelled to ask as to how pumpkin scones fit in this fixation . Well , scones are decidedly British (at least the sweet ones ) and as regards pumpkin ..well you just have to follow my blog to know my current obsession with them . When I am not decorating them with acrylic paint for fall decor, I use the puree to make pumpkin donuts or pumpkin quick bread . 
(Particularly proud of this painted pumpkin )
British scones differ from American ones in the fact that while the latter serve more like a "bread " and are enjoyed with savory , the former are sweet and enjoyed with a nice cup of tea. Traditionally , they …