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Eggless Tutti Frutti Cake and Memories Galore

As I write this blog, it is raining outside. The sound of the pitter patter outside adds to the soothing cadence of the keys of my laptop and transports me to my childhood days when rain did not herald the coming of a migraine but the promise of pure adulterated joy. Like the parched earth, soaked in the downpour, we embraced the rain for it promised general uplifting of spirits in everybody. The daily drudgery was forgotten and out came the karahis for the pakoras. The sound of laughter became more abundant and previously crabby siblings shared your enthusiasm for the latest prank to be enjoyed in the rain. Tea was served and the pakoras disappeared at an alarming rate along with the requests for more ketchup. While I am reminiscing about these golden days, culinary wise it is not the pakoras that tempted me more, rather it was the sweet melt in your mouth-tutti frutti cake slices or fruit cake as we called it back in India. A trip to the bakery was incomplete without purchasing it bu…