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Blender Carrot Cake Easy Enough That Kids Can Make !

Now that we have finally entered the blessed month and the  Christamas tree has been decorated (or soon will be ), the only other thing that requires our immediate attention is holiday baking , For it is a season of fruit cakes, wreath cookies and Christmas puddings . What fun is to bake something at home and distribute it to family and friends? In my view, that fun is doubled when you involve the kids in the baking process too. Let their skills not be limited to just adding sprinkles to the finished goods . Some bakes may require more adult attention but this particular bake is the opposite. In fact , it is so ridiculously easy that it might give your kids "accomplished baker" complex !  I would still implore you guys to be present during the bakingprocess..especially while handling the blender as well as the oven but even with your presence, the kids will get an independent bake feel . This in turn might be crucial in developing their interest in baking and culinary arts.. …