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Chocolate Barfi and the Mithai Bucket List !

Mithai bucket list ..Is that the first time you have heard about it ? Let me assure that it exists albeit in my mind . Also, if I have not mentioned it before , let it be known to  the gentle reader that I am a Gemini and a typical one at that . In simpler terms it means that I get bored with repetition and to keep my creative juices flowing , I have to try something new now and then. Suffering from a case of the aforementioned, I decided to do something about my imaginary mithai preparation list . Why chocolate barfi ? Simple answer - I love it !!! I am not a very big chocolate fan( truly) but chocolate barfi is something that I simply  cannot resist. The appeal may be due to the quite obvious fusion of traditional and western flavors. So, can you guys then blame me for giving it the honor of being the first mithai to try in my bucket list ?  Determined in my resolve and with a fair bit of excitement thrown in , I visited the local grocery store to buy the main ingredient - Khoya or m…

Funfetti Cake and Happy Occasions !

The fondest memories of my childhood involves me creaming the butter and sugar whenever my mom decided to bake a cake. That used to happen often ...a visit from any of our countless relatives was reason enough to indulge in it . Mother was a wonderful cook and loved baking too ,even though we didn't have a traditional oven . Her Prestige aluminium tandoor used to do the dual work of making Naans as well as cake and boy  were they delicious!! I never bothered with the recipes though  thinking I would have plenty of time to jot them down later. Life has a way of teaching us lessons and relations which we take for granted are cut short one day !!!!  Anyways, on my last visit to India my Bhabhi shared my mom's favorite cake recipe . It turned out to be the traditional sponge cake recipe .She worked her magic on it and turned it a culinary wonder . Maybe it was all those happy memories associated it  which made it acquire a cult status bakewise . The festive occasion of Rakhi seemed…

Sundried Tomato Cheese Biscuits and Mountain Getaway

First the mountain getaway. It was to a "quite up there in the wilderness" log cabin in the Smokies. We had booked it months in advance and quite forgotten about it . As such it "sneaked" upon us and we had to "leave " things  mid way and head for the mountains ! It was a treacherous climb (very narrow unpaved road)to the cabin which did not have Wi-Fi access (that being the whole point of the escape) and as such the blog post had to wait even though the pics of this bake had already made the round of many baking groups. Came back yesterday and with all the back to school craziness and a doctor's appoitment thrown in , didn't get any chance to pen the blog down. As it happens, when things get delayed , you have to really force yourself to sit down and finish the task . If you guys are reading the blog post , then it seems I have been successful in the aforementioned. Here is a view from our cabin top . Not pictured are the crackers I was having wit…

Rosemary Poppy Seeds Biscuits or Should I say Crackers ?

Yes, before faithful blog followers  point out , let me admit it myself ..I still had some rosemary left and while not fresh had to be incorporated into a bake. Not just any other bake...mind you..a savory bake ..why?? ..because I was once again bitten by the savory bug. After baking so many sweet treats, I have developed a temporary aversion to them . Let me admanantly admit that this aversion is temporary (has happened one time too many ) , so you guys won't have to wait too long for a sweet bake. For now though, I had to satiate my savory craving and these rosemary  poppy seeds "biscuits" seemed the logical choice for my next baking adventure.
The recipe for this savory bake has been adapted from a one by "Mr.Killer Blue Eyes"  A.K.A Paul Hollywood himself . yes..I am bitten by "The Great British Bakeoff " bug too.Talking of all this biting , would like to state my ultimate fantasy. Of having  Mr.Blue Eyes taking a bite off my bake ..fixing his smol…

Fresh Rosemary Bread and Thoughtful Gifts !

I'll be the first to admit that I don't possess a green thumb. My knowledge of gardening is practically zilch  but that doesn't stop me from dreaming of going to my imaginary herb garden and just picking a few and incorportaing them in my bakes. My imagination is quite vivid and advanced in that regard-- I can even smell the fresh herbs lending a heavenly aroma to my kitchen . What pure bliss can I conjure ..right ? Anyways, coming back to reality , the closest I come to getting this spiritual experience is when a good friend takes pity and gifts me some fresh herbs. That does happen and I bless them a million times.
My latest blessings were for a friend who sent me some fresh romsemary from her garden . The sight of them sent me into a baking frenzy . Make it bread baking frenzy . There is no other bake that can do justice to rosemary than freshly baked home bread, The aroma and flavor are simple divine not to emntion the extreme satisfaction you get from baking your own b…