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The Bestest Ever Chocolate Cake and Compliments Galore!

There are chocolate cakes and then there is the one pictured above. I think the above picture of the cake is really doing justice and conveying how moist and super spongy it turned out. Sheer heaven on earth. This is a cake that is supposed to make even staunch vanilla cake lovers switch side to the dark side..of...chocolate. Case in point being yours truly and also my friend who is a fresh convert after having tasted it last night. It is a chocolate lovers fantasy that turns out right every single time and is guaranteed to make your receive compliments galore.  I normally bake this one for birthdays or when the chocolate craving hits any member of my family. it is a fairly simple bake and relies upon the richness of real baking chocolate rather than cocoa powder. Any good semi-sweet baking chocolate with cacao percentage of around 60%  should do for the recipe. Addition of sour cream as well ensures that the end product is super moist and decadent.The only thing to be borne in mind is…