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Mango Loaf Cake for it is Summer !

It's that time of the year when all desi people (myself included) go crazy for one pulpy fruit . Make that the king of fruits. The not so humble mango. If mango was a product it wouldn't even need to market itself..the lucky one !! Though mango is best consumed raw , one feels compelled to try other options ..that only if one has any mangoes left at all. Give my daughter a mango any day over a proper meal . There is something so inherently cute about finding mango smeared all over a kids I go again on a tangent ! Coming back to edible mango variations, how about baking it in the form of a loaf cake ? Seasonal fruits are my weakness and if you have been following my blog , you know that I never shy away from baking them in new avatars. Why should the king of all fruits be left behind? The king did not disappoint in it's new avatar judging by how quickly it disappeared from it's serving tray . There are already demands for a repeat bake which proves that this …

Eggless Dates Cake and Special Occasions

I have never shied away from saying that I love trying different flavors in cakes rather than overly decorating them. Covering a cake in multiple layers of frosting may increase the "wow" factor but somehow doesn't appeal to me. I would much prefer to consume calories laden with flavour rather than trying to find flavours within layers of buttercream . Though cake decorating did fascinate with me for sometime but after many buttercream flowers later , a good cake for me is pure flavor and not spoonfull of sugary cream or even fondant for that matter. Last year tropical flavors were on my lust list and were incorporated into many bakes and for this year it seems as if exotic flavors have caught my fancy.
Baking an eggless date cake has been on  my bucket list for the past few months. But as in life , there is a time for everything seems true for baking as well. Other bakes kept on getting preference and the box of dates kept to itself in the pantry. Not that it did not giv…

Cottage Cheese Cookies and Gourmet Recipes !

It has been quite a while since I shared a cookie recipe with you guys. May be it is the weather thing. The cooler it is, the more we crave them or maybe it is just the holiday spirit that inspires  us to bake and exchange them with our loved ones.. Anyways, I was thinking along similar lines and decided to try a new cookie recipe for my blog even though the sweltering heat was doing it's best to make me stay away from the oven. By "new" I really meant something unique not the usual run of the mill chocolate or peanut butter cookies. 
My quest for the same took me to the local library where while searching through the  aisles of cookbooks, I was fortunate enough to come across the "Gourmet Cookie Book" covering best recipes from 1941 to 2009. I quickly grabbed it before another poor soul on a similar quest like mine could claim  for their own. I literally rushed back home and  started flipping through the various recipe pages . The one recipe that really caught …

Kids bake - Easy Eggless Chocolate Pudding

Two interesting things to report. The kids are home for the summer vacation and mommy dearest is having a "baking block" . Change that to "was having " since my daughter has rescued me from that predicament. It all started with a visit to the local library. We as a family pride ourselves on being voracious readers and as such on the very first day of the summer vacation ,headed to our favorite retreat aka the library to stock up our arsenal of books. While I was busy searching for vintage baking books to help with my bakers block, daughter dearest picked up a new mystery series on the recommendation of the librararian. God bless her for doing so because not only did it pique my daughter's interest but also had a recipe for the easiest chocolate pudding at the end .  An eggless dessert which even the kids could make ..what could be better? A quick check in the closets and pantry assured us that we had the required ingredients at hand . No quick trip to the grocer…