Besan ke ladoo and advent of the festive season !

I'll be the first to admit of my extreme pickiness when it comes to eating mithai.  Sweet tooth , I'm certainly in possession of , but mine seems to be a very selective one. Give me syrupy , too sweet mithai and I won't even touch it  even if I am on an abandoned island with no food supply...okay that is me being overly dramatic but you guys get the point. On the other hand, there are some members of the mithai species that I am simply unable to resist ..Their lure is just to too much for my feeble will to resist .. besan ke ladoo tops that list .
Besan ke ladoo also occupies a special place in my heart because it was the first mithai that I made after moving to the States after my marriage . The occasion was hubby's birthday and I wanted to send something sweet for his colleagues. They wanted something uniquely Indian and beasan ke laddoos became the apparent choice for I wanted the sweet to be wholesome and not sticky and be utterly delicious as well. The ladoos made the occasion memorable and I have always gone back to this recipe for celebrating other happy when the first time my kids helped me make mithai..any guesses as to  what it was ? Yesterday too, on the happy festive occasion of Ganesh Chaturti, decided to make the ladoos again  and share with you guys as well..atleast pictorially.

Ingredients -
2 cup besan
2 tbsp. semolina or sooji
1 cup sugar
1 cup desi ghee
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
15-20 almonds chopped
On very low flame, in a karai , roast the besan with the sooji for about 3-4 minutes making sure to keep on stirring continuously.
Now increase the flame to medium and add the ghee and chopped almonds.
Keep on stirring continuously (we don't want it sticking to the bottom ) till it starts giving out oil and you get the aroma of cooked besan.
Add in the cardamom powder, remove from flame transfer it to a thali to cool.
Once it becomes lukewarm, mix in the sugar with the help of the spatula thoroughly.
Cool a bit and now start making them in small bowls and garnish with chopped almonds.


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