Kiwi Melon Smoothie or is it Kiwi Cantaloupe ?

Nothing says "Summer is coming" better than a fruit smoothie . Made this cataloupe kiwi one in the hope that it would bring some sunshine in our neck of woods where it has been gloomy for the past week. Let's not pay attention to the fact that kiwi is a winter fruit or the fact that to this date I am really not sure whether melon and cantaloupe are the same. Back in India. they were always melon or musk melon to be precise ( a simple google seach yielded that fact) but here they are cantaloupe. Seems while all cantaloupes are musk melons , the vice versa is not true. Let's keep it simple though it whatever you may , it won't take away the deliciousness ..not even a wee bit .
Ingredients - (Serving for two)
2 kiwis peeled and cut
1 tsp lime juice
8-10 mint leaves(more if desired)
2 tsp honey ( I omitted it altogether)
1 1/2 cup chopped cantaloupe or melon 
1/2 cup water
some ice cubes

I used a Vitamix for this but any blender should do. Simply put all the ingredients (chopped melon, kiwi , mint leaves, lime juice, water , honey and ice cubes ) and blend till smooth.
Serve in a glass and for decoration , see the pic below or use your own creativity !


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