Festive Tortilla Rollups in vibrant red and green !

T'was the night before Christmas and I was still vacillating about my appetizer choice ...we had a get together at our place and though the main dishes had been taken care of..the appetizer choice was giving me a tough time...maybe the fact that my brain had slowed down contributed to the indecision ...blame all the brain activity on the holidays ..before I venture further into this tangent ,let me make clear that I  wanted the appetizer to be easy to make /assemble and in the traditional holiday colors.  Not a big fan of food colors , was looking for inspiration the natural way when Mother Nature in the form of Ree Drummond  came to my rescue. Her Christmas Tortilla roll ups were too perfect to ignore ! The only way in which I begged to differ from her was that I didn't use spring onions..Please don't ask why ...I might get a tad bit emotional.

Firmly keeping my rambling thoughts aside , here is what you guys have to do if you want to wow your guests the next time you have a get together..or simply wow your family and bask in the glory of all the compliments ...you absolutely do not have to tell anyone that that they are so easy to assemble ..easiest appetizer with guaranteed results...here is the ingredient list in case you have fallen in love with them and want to give them a try soon .

Ingredients -
1 package burrito style Flour Tortilla
1 1/2 package softened cream cheese ( have another handy if you apply liberally)
1 package dry ranch dressing mix
1 whole red bell pepper
1 whole green pepper
green onions or celery thinly sliced (optional)
1/2 tsp black pepper

Method -

Let's see your slicing and dicing skills...never mind if you are still honing them..just take the top part off the bell pepper, take the seeds out..slice it to thin slices and dice it as fine as you can . If you are adding spring onions or celery, make sure to follow the same procedure with them.

Now , to the softened cream cheese , add half of the ranch dressing mix and a tad bit of bell pepper, We will be adding the remaining later.
Now with the help of a spatula , smear the cream cheese mixture on the tortilla..I used it sparingly but you guys are welcome to be generous...now add the diced green and red bell pepper and sprinkle the remaining black pepper. You also add  black olives, spring onion , celery ..shredded chicken..the options are endless. Coming to the "being careful" part ., roll the tortilla up as tightly as you can and immediately cover it up with cling wrap.

Repeat the same for the remaining and then refrigerate for a couple of hours. The longer they are refrigerated , the better they will be flavor and appearance wise. At the time of serving , take them out, remove the wrap and cut them into the thickness of your liking. Do give them a try ..you can use orange and yellow bell peppers ..pair them with other ingredients and let your creativity shine through !


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