Of Birthday Gifts and Pumpkin Donuts !

Close to the same time  two years ago, my daughter received the  Babycakes Mini Donut Maker . The decision might have been influenced by the fact that I had already been bitten by the baking bug . Well , as a person I'm not very given to trying out new things and the fact that my daughter never pestered me to give it a try , made me put it away high up on my kitchen closet . Sure, it did beckon me from time to time but I always had a perfect excuse ready for postponing it's trial.It even survived the trip from New York to the Carolinas but a recent flooring work in my kitchen again made it come back to the limelight.
Another thing that was beckoning me from the pantry was the can of pumpkin puree . Baking pumpkin into bars , cake, cheese cake  and pie did not satiate me ..had to make doughnuts before bidding it adieu for this season (I have been known to change my mind) . So without further delay, i set upon the task of taking the donut maker out of its' box, actually reading the instructions and wiping it  a  mildly wet cloth as mentioned in the booklet.  Did I mention that I was pleasantly surprised when I read that donuts are ready in 5 minutes flat? The donut maker also comes along with a wire cooling rack ,fork tool and sugar sprinkler. the fork tool came  in extra handy while taking the donuts out .
Now add to the actually preparation. The recipe which was adapted from here was a fairly simple one  so decided to rope in my daughter as well. She was the one who fetched me all these ingredients (well most of them ).

2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup sugar ( the original recipe calls for 1 1/2 cup but found that to be too sweet)
3 eggs
1 can pumpkin puree (closer to 2 cups)
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup oil

Method -

All of the above ingredients (except the all purpose flour...we will add it later) go into a mixing bowl. (Meanwhile place the donut mixer on a flat surface and plug it in . It will take a few minutes to be ready(green light to come up).

With the help of a hand mixer, blend them well for a good 2-3 minutes.
Fold in the all purpose  flour .Give it a quick stir but do not overmix.

Now transfer the batter to a pastry or ziplock bag and pipe it into the donut maker making sure as to not overfill.
Close the lid (please use oven mitts) and the donuts will be ready in 5 mins (personally gave it 6 mins just to be sure). 
Transfer to a wire rack with the help of a fork tool and let cool . 
You can enjoy them "bare" (my favourite way ) or sprinkle some sugar or dip in caramel glaze (my kid's favorite).


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